Instructor (Shifu)jgk

The Chinese Martial Arts Center specializes in Wushu & Taijiquan.  Shifu Jack opened a Shaolin Kung-Fu School in 1989, and established the Chinese Martial Arts Center in 1995.

Students from all walks of life Shifu Jackenjoy the art of Wushu (Kung-Fu) and Taijiquan.  Our center offers a full spectrum of Wushu and Taiji experience in a setting where individualized instruction is key.  The school is divided into four different areas with training in Self Defense, Sparring, Weaponry, Open Hand Forms. Internal Healing Classes are also taught. Class size ranges from 10-16 students.

The classes are also divided by beginner, intermediate and advanced students. A student can learn Wushu and Tai Chi with step-by-step instruction by a qualified instructor.shifu1resized

Shifu Kutsenkow has trained tournament champions in both Taijiquan and Wushu.